Sunday, April 10, 2011


She is lovely. I bought her years ago on she is all decked out for Christmas....
But then I wanted to add more touches of cream and white to my got a face lift!!!
Here she is now.......
And yes, she now resides on top of my tv armoire turned bar see that blog HERE
She was painted in various white and off-white paints that had on hand and then rubbed with ebony stain. I think she looks more statuesque now.
Hope you like her as much as I do :)



I am so excited about this project.....

Gorgeous last summer.....yanked out of window boxes and  laid to rest in the basement hanging from a closet rod.....potted last month.....they looked like this.....
And this..... not too promising are they?
But given some plant food, a little watering, a western exposure and 3 weeks later......
Needless to say, I am very proud of my accomplishment!!!! I have never winterized anything before, so for a first this is awesome!!!

So roll on warm days cos I am soooooo looking forward to planting these beauties out in my window boxes!!!!

Hugs for now,

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