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The last few posts I have featured my friend's Liz' great room updates and today we will be focusing on a focal wall in this room. 
Liz wanted to change out the artwork she had on the wall above her sideboard as it no longer matched the new color scheme. 

This wall defines the middle of the room and is the common denominator between the dining room end and the living room/office end of the room. 
Here is a close up of her sideboard which she updated with some black paint, sorry, not a great pick.
Also on this side board is a lamp she updated by applying pewter paint to the base...
So, for the wall above this sideboard I suggested a gallery wall as I have wanted to create one of these for a while and it would be an inexpensive alternative to buying art.
Using what Liz already had we came up with this
The large frame was found at Goodwill and artwork removed.
The brass clock was one her finds at the Decorator's sale, the small round mirror was part of a boxed set of 4 she got on sale, the thin black frame was one she already and so was the freshly painted red one
Here again Liz already owned the empty frames, the smaller mirror was part of the same set and large bronze mirror was another find at the sale. Oh and check out the reflection in the bronze mirror...her desk...isn't that neat?
I think it turned out great...I love the way the circles of the mirrors pick up the circles in the fabric on the armchair! 

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Monday, October 17, 2011



Before I start on today's blog I would like to thank Pam over at for featuring my earlier blog on Liz's desk see here over at her party "Motivated Monday" , Thanks Pam!

Now continuing from my post on my friend's Liz's family room reveal, today I am featuring one of 4 ladder back chairs Liz painted to match her desk, see that post here

This is what one of chairs looked liked prior to painting:
We came up with an idea of featuring all 4 of the colors from the desk on each chair. Taupe (on desk top, not seen here), green, gold and brick red. 
Here is the "Brick Red" chair after:
Here are some close up pictures of her work:
Here it is up against her desk...
Isn't it cool? And didn't she do a great job?

Now, "Lizzie Poo" is one busy lady. She is a successful real estate agent here in town (she is also my real estate agent!), she has two teenage children, a super husband and a sweet doberman dog named Maddie! So there isn't a lot of "down" time in her life. Subsequently you will have to wait little longer to view the other 3 ladderback chairs, but she is working on them when she can as her goal is to have them all done for Thanksgiving.

There's more to come in another post!

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One of my closest friends, Liz, recently downsized from a good size 5 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom townhouse. She's had to make many decisions regarding what furniture to keep, what to eliminate and what new furniture to buy.
Here she is stuffed into the back seat of my car after the Decorator's sale! See that post here
Like us all, or at least some of us, Liz is on a tight budget and she and I have brainstormed ideas on how to furnish her townhouse using what she has first.

Today, I am featuring her great room. This is a large rectangular room with lots of light. It is a hardworking room and needs to fulfill the needs of a dining room, living room and office space! 

One of her new purchases was a sofa and armchair.
Taking inspiration from the colors of the armchair....
she took the plunge and painted her desk and filing cabinets!
And what a transformation! Isn't it awesome??
She even painted the hardware!
Check back soon and see other transformation she and I made to her home!

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I WAS FEATURED.....!.....

Pamela over at featured my blog over at her Treasure Hunt Thursday Party!!!
Thanks Pam! What a thrill!!!!
Check out her latest post about clocks...look what she picked up right there beside the road....geesh...some people have all the luck!!!!
I can't wait to see what she does with it!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs Mandy

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sharing a 

I came home one afternoon to find a little bag hanging on my door...when I opened it, I found this little box...
The little black spider held the tag in place...and do you see it's web??!!! I turned it over and this is what the back of it looked like...
Too cool! I couldn't wait to open it up! When I did, this is what I found waiting for me....
An "adorable" sparkly skeleton lying on a bed of red felt accompanied by a scroll....I unrolled the scroll.... was an invitation from our friends Lora and Dan to their costume Halloween party! 
Isn't it the most creative and fun Halloween invitation you have ever seen???? 
The detail and work that went into it is unbelievable!! 
Lora is truly a talented and fun girl!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! And of course, we are going to attend in costume and all!

Thanks Lora for letting me share your wonderful work on my blog today!

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