Thursday, October 20, 2011



The last few posts I have featured my friend's Liz' great room updates and today we will be focusing on a focal wall in this room. 
Liz wanted to change out the artwork she had on the wall above her sideboard as it no longer matched the new color scheme. 

This wall defines the middle of the room and is the common denominator between the dining room end and the living room/office end of the room. 
Here is a close up of her sideboard which she updated with some black paint, sorry, not a great pick.
Also on this side board is a lamp she updated by applying pewter paint to the base...
So, for the wall above this sideboard I suggested a gallery wall as I have wanted to create one of these for a while and it would be an inexpensive alternative to buying art.
Using what Liz already had we came up with this
The large frame was found at Goodwill and artwork removed.
The brass clock was one her finds at the Decorator's sale, the small round mirror was part of a boxed set of 4 she got on sale, the thin black frame was one she already and so was the freshly painted red one
Here again Liz already owned the empty frames, the smaller mirror was part of the same set and large bronze mirror was another find at the sale. Oh and check out the reflection in the bronze mirror...her desk...isn't that neat?
I think it turned out great...I love the way the circles of the mirrors pick up the circles in the fabric on the armchair! 

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  1. I love the layout of this wall! Love how it is 3D! Great job!

  2. Great idea (I "pinned" this) love that chair, too

  3. Mandy, Love it..very unique and creative! Thanks for sharing Liz's cute wall decor at the Open House Party.

  4. It turned out better than great. It looks fabulous!!

  5. This is such a stand-out feature. And using things she already had makes it even better! It's so creative and unique!

    Thank you for linking this lovely post to Potpourri Friday! I really appreciate you and your participation!

  6. This looks great! Love it!


  7. Very eye-catching display. I like to keep nice frames even if I discard the artwork too.

  8. OH I love this idea!! A great spin on the 'typical' gallery wall -- how exactly are the frames/mirrors attached to the ones on the wall? I think that would be tricky but maybe not?

  9. i love the layering
    and how it gives interest and depth
    to the piece

    thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


  10. Very creative, love the look! I am your newest follower

  11. Love this great use of existing elements. It all ties together nicely. I may try something like this on a "problem" wall. Excellent photography--capturing that gorgeous desk in the mirror.

  12. Mandy I love your frame display! It looks amazing. Thanx for coming over to party and have a fabulous weekend!

  13. I love this look. Frames are such beautiful works of art all by themselves. I really like all the different shapes, sizes, and textures. Great job!