Sunday, March 18, 2012


Early one evening something caught Mark's  eye outside the window in the family was a was about 10 feet from the window....of course my camera was back in our bedroom inside my handbag...isn't that just typical??? Anyway, I rushed back with it and managed to snap this shot. 
 (The brick half moon raised bed is actually a gas fire pit...wonderful on cool spring and fall nights...don't  know if we'll get to enjoy it much this year though, our winter was so mild, the mosquitoes are going to be horrendous!).  
Our young visitor was not alone...
 Lola, our Dutch Shepherd
(Picture taken on Christmas day!) finally realized that we had some visitors/intruders and proceeded to tell us exactly how she felt about it! ..the deer just stood there...quite funny actually, but after a minute or two, they scampered back to the woods, long white tails wagging behind them...
We often see the deer come out of the woods at this time, but usually they stay quite a distance away. This was the first time they had ventured so close to the house. 
We are so lucky to have a nature preserve right on our back step. The wildlife is a treat. We have seen foxes, coyotes, turkey vultures (yuck!) lots of bunnies, ducks and the dreaded geese (I don't like them...there are too many of them and they poop everywhere...Lola chases them away for us.)  lots and lots of birds and deer of course . 
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Thursday, March 15, 2012


March is upon us, and here in Indiana the daffodils stalks are pushing through the mulch and reminding us that the spring season is upon us.

I just did some very simple additions or changes to the already existing vignettes...I like change, believe me but when I find something that works I tend to stick to it until I am absolutely sick of it!!! With work, teenagers and trying to sell a house, this seems to be working well for me too!

So, main rooms that got "hit" were the main living areas: Kitchen, dining room and a wee touch in the living room.

Kitchen table: Boot tray, corks ( consumption.....but many years worth!!) 

cabbages (not real! but garage sale purchases last year), spring green hydrangeas (on clearance)
chicks and nests (had a long time).
Kitchen mantle: Large blue eggs (a few years old and realize I need to remove labels...!), broom brush bunny (Goodwill last year).
Kitchen Hutch:
Cabbage bowl (last year Ebay - dirt cheap), ceramic bunny (old) cloche filled with eggs, croissants and artichokes (all stuff I had),

cabbage plates (Goodwill last Fall), cabbage jug (Goodwill last winter).
Dining room:

Centerpiece: Same old basket from sale last year. 
filled with 3 wire baskets (Tuesday Morning) full of gourdes, decorative balls and two large decorative eggs (Michael's). 
Plate wall: added a couple of cabbage plates (had for years), two large white plates (Goodwill last year) and two small french label plates (Tuesday Morning). 
Living room: 
I tweaked the mantle. Brought back orange Japanese Lanterns and 3 cool handmade brown artichoke looking stems (World Market), painted an existing cardinal orange and added milk glass etc.

That's all folks!!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


One of my twin 15 year old teenagers, Joe,  is in the High School Musical, "Pippin" this week and may I add, with pride, that he is one of only a few freshmen selected to perform.

Anyway....the teachers asked each student to do something with their shoes to make them wild and crazy looking. So we grabbed a pair of Alan's (older brother) old shoes. I mean, these things were o l d! Soles worn through, bits and pieces starting to fall off them....and....worse still, he still wore them.....o f t e n.....well trust me....NO MORE! Cos' look what I did to them!
As soon as some of the other students saw Joe's shoes they wanted a yesterday, I worked on 3 more pairs.....a very large pair for one of the young men, David, and two smaller pairs for a couple of the girls, Daisia and Abbey. Abbey's were a really small pair of practice dance shoes...

And here is what they turned into after I spent 4 hours on them and crawled into bed at 2:30am!!!!
And one of the girls did a great lace on Joe's shoes...need to copy that!!!

The premier was tonight....I hope they all held up and that everyone did well!

Think I'm going to myself a pair for tennis!!!
Oh and to make a lot of you feel good, this is what my laundry room looked like this morning when I got up...ugh!