Thursday, March 15, 2012


March is upon us, and here in Indiana the daffodils stalks are pushing through the mulch and reminding us that the spring season is upon us.

I just did some very simple additions or changes to the already existing vignettes...I like change, believe me but when I find something that works I tend to stick to it until I am absolutely sick of it!!! With work, teenagers and trying to sell a house, this seems to be working well for me too!

So, main rooms that got "hit" were the main living areas: Kitchen, dining room and a wee touch in the living room.

Kitchen table: Boot tray, corks ( consumption.....but many years worth!!) 

cabbages (not real! but garage sale purchases last year), spring green hydrangeas (on clearance)
chicks and nests (had a long time).
Kitchen mantle: Large blue eggs (a few years old and realize I need to remove labels...!), broom brush bunny (Goodwill last year).
Kitchen Hutch:
Cabbage bowl (last year Ebay - dirt cheap), ceramic bunny (old) cloche filled with eggs, croissants and artichokes (all stuff I had),

cabbage plates (Goodwill last Fall), cabbage jug (Goodwill last winter).
Dining room:

Centerpiece: Same old basket from sale last year. 
filled with 3 wire baskets (Tuesday Morning) full of gourdes, decorative balls and two large decorative eggs (Michael's). 
Plate wall: added a couple of cabbage plates (had for years), two large white plates (Goodwill last year) and two small french label plates (Tuesday Morning). 
Living room: 
I tweaked the mantle. Brought back orange Japanese Lanterns and 3 cool handmade brown artichoke looking stems (World Market), painted an existing cardinal orange and added milk glass etc.

That's all folks!!

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  1. Mandy everything looks fabulous! Thanx for coming to THT!

  2. that faux cabbage!

  3. You did a wonderful job. Feels like spring. thanks for sharing.