Sunday, March 18, 2012


Early one evening something caught Mark's  eye outside the window in the family was a was about 10 feet from the window....of course my camera was back in our bedroom inside my handbag...isn't that just typical??? Anyway, I rushed back with it and managed to snap this shot. 
 (The brick half moon raised bed is actually a gas fire pit...wonderful on cool spring and fall nights...don't  know if we'll get to enjoy it much this year though, our winter was so mild, the mosquitoes are going to be horrendous!).  
Our young visitor was not alone...
 Lola, our Dutch Shepherd
(Picture taken on Christmas day!) finally realized that we had some visitors/intruders and proceeded to tell us exactly how she felt about it! ..the deer just stood there...quite funny actually, but after a minute or two, they scampered back to the woods, long white tails wagging behind them...
We often see the deer come out of the woods at this time, but usually they stay quite a distance away. This was the first time they had ventured so close to the house. 
We are so lucky to have a nature preserve right on our back step. The wildlife is a treat. We have seen foxes, coyotes, turkey vultures (yuck!) lots of bunnies, ducks and the dreaded geese (I don't like them...there are too many of them and they poop everywhere...Lola chases them away for us.)  lots and lots of birds and deer of course . 
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  1. Very nice photos of the deer just rememeber they love to eat flowers so do befriend them too much. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. That's so neat to see the deer family. We used to see them long ago, before the subdivision went in behind us. I really miss the wildlife. How lucky to live adjacent to a nature preserve,