Monday, January 16, 2012


Yup, spent the better part of a weekend, sorting and organizing the storage area in our unfinished basement. I couldn't believe how much STUFF I was able to weed out......AGAIN....ever since we put this house up for sale almost 3 years ago... (this is the year...yes it is!) I have "gone through" the unfinished basement several times. It seems that every time I find more STUFF that is no longer needed, wanted or necessary. I even got hubby and oldest son to weed through electronic and empty electronic boxes too..!
All this lot went to the county recycle center!!!
And all this lot went to either Goodwill or the local consignment store...well actually, I haven't made it to the consignment store yet but am planning to this week :)
At the moment, I am also doing some painting...
The table to the right is actually topped with an old glass door and sits on wooden risers so that it is counter height. A great piece for wrapping/painting and other projects.
The other table is being "worked" on.
Anyway, back to the storage area...check it out...
I say "Vowwww" in my best German accent to this pic!
Look at all the empty shelves left!!!!  By the way, I had the builder put this shelving up for me and I have never regretted it. Although it has been referred as "The Morgue"...can't imagine why????
All those totes to the left are ...EMPTY...woo hoo! The rest is extra tile, extra wood and paint.
This armoire sits off to the side. It is a great piece but not being used in the home decor at the mo' however it now holds the few silk flowers I still own, some faux greenery and branches and small items that need to be painted.
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  1. What a great storage area! We really need to re-work our basement for seasonal storage, etc. Thank you for joining the party!


  2. Wow! Would love to have all that organized storage! Great job!

  3. Man o man, your rows of large totes are pretty much awesome. To have that kind of storage -- and a studio for painting too. You're a lucky lady!

  4. I am very impressed with your organized basement! What great storage you have down there with those shelves. We've been working on organizing our office but it is taking forever. It was a real mess! Nice to meet you. This is my first visit to your blog.

  5. Wow - I am in the process of decluttering, purging and organizing my basement - 16 years worth of "stuff". So far, 3 trips to the dump, 3 to the thrift shop and some donations to friends. That's the tip of the iceberg. Your basement is motivating me! Come link up on Jan 31 to our Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge link party.

  6. you get a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG WOW!!!!!!!!!! hope to see you linking with us on the 31st : ) i am now your newest follower : ) sending hugs...

  7. I kind of hate you just a wee bit for having all that storage space but I have to admire how well organized you are here and for all that editing of unnecessary stuff. I am motivated to follow your lead for sure. Thanks for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful. I featured your post tonight on the blog.

  8. This is great! I love all that shelving!

  9. Just came across your blog, I'm in Fishers too... anyway nice to meet you Love how you organized your stuff. and I love that table is it for sale??? I'm going to start following your blog.


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