Thursday, January 26, 2012


Okay, I have to apologize because I do not have any tutorial pics on this...sorry :( It was a quickie job and knowing me, the urge hit me and I went for prep just make a mess and GO!!

So, I got this frame ages ago...more like years ago!! The glass was long gone. 
I had some fun fabric scraps left over from various projects and decided to "do something" with these "unwanted" items!
Grabbed the frame, took the back off, placed some batting on the the backing and glued down strips of fabrics. 

Put everything back together and voila!!!
Oh! the little fairy guy was in my "decoupage" stash...too fun eh??
This piece hangs on the wall as you enter my den..
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Friday, January 20, 2012


I know I'm not alone with this dilemma...
my "TO DO" list is so long I can't see the end of it!!!!!
And, to be honest, blogging has triggered my brain to want to do more!!!! 
I do love all the inspiration though, and I love to dive into a good project anytime... but part of the unfinished basement looks more like a bad case of "project overload" or a very badly managed furniture restoration site at the moment. Remember I showed you this pick from my post about my organized basement see here,
See the cute drop leave table to left? Okay, the top is now done but I need to paint the legs...thinking a soft aged green...
The two tall chest of drawers that used to look like this
are now down to the last coat of poly.
The two armchairs that go with my dining set are now painted to match the chairs I painted last November see here
So, why am I not seeing the end of the list???? Well, hubbie asked me to paint our kitchen counter chairs too. "Great!" I said, "Bring them down, I'll get started on them!". So down they came. 
Now, I have learnt with this particular project that not all chairs are built alike...duh....! My dining chairs had rounded spindles, here's one I showed you that a certain doggie chewed on....
but my kitchen Mission Style counter to chairs have squared spindles like these... 
And are much more time consuming to paint...they are close together, there are many of them....20 per chair to be precise with four sides each....80 sides altogether!!! And then add all the joists, legs etc.... So after a good sanding I got started...thought I'd try black stain instead of paint..liked it but too runny...(those spindles again!) so reverted to paint...but it stills builds up easily...hate that...
I over sanded after the first coat with my power sander, and had to smooth over everything with a higher grade sanding hand...then wiped down, and painted again...then I have to let them cure before next coat, and do you find that you try to stick to a "system" when painting but get distracted by either outside things or by day dreaming and then miss spots or in my case entire inside legs?!! ...I am tired....I was down in my workshop ALL day yesterday and am NOT done...not even close .....
I'm pooped and soar 
And of course the life of a mother of three teenagers involves more than painting her life away....the "Engine Room" constantly needs attending to....
otherwise referred to as the laundry room,
And DOES NOT look like this too often!!!
And all the other a part time job and kids stuff and, and, and!!!! You guys understand. Today, I am not going to get back down "there"... I have a tennis match...and dinner plans with hubby. So will probably get back to it this weekend...In the meantime, the boys' bedrooms look like a bomb hit them, the laundry is building up, the phone calls need to be made....
oh well...I do feel better having share my "scream" moment with you though


Monday, January 16, 2012


Yup, spent the better part of a weekend, sorting and organizing the storage area in our unfinished basement. I couldn't believe how much STUFF I was able to weed out......AGAIN....ever since we put this house up for sale almost 3 years ago... (this is the year...yes it is!) I have "gone through" the unfinished basement several times. It seems that every time I find more STUFF that is no longer needed, wanted or necessary. I even got hubby and oldest son to weed through electronic and empty electronic boxes too..!
All this lot went to the county recycle center!!!
And all this lot went to either Goodwill or the local consignment store...well actually, I haven't made it to the consignment store yet but am planning to this week :)
At the moment, I am also doing some painting...
The table to the right is actually topped with an old glass door and sits on wooden risers so that it is counter height. A great piece for wrapping/painting and other projects.
The other table is being "worked" on.
Anyway, back to the storage area...check it out...
I say "Vowwww" in my best German accent to this pic!
Look at all the empty shelves left!!!!  By the way, I had the builder put this shelving up for me and I have never regretted it. Although it has been referred as "The Morgue"...can't imagine why????
All those totes to the left are ...EMPTY...woo hoo! The rest is extra tile, extra wood and paint.
This armoire sits off to the side. It is a great piece but not being used in the home decor at the mo' however it now holds the few silk flowers I still own, some faux greenery and branches and small items that need to be painted.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012


What a fine lady she was...I was truly blessed to have met her. She was known in our family as the "Fun Purple Lady" as this was her favorite color. She put together gift bags for one of my sons when he was little and in it were all sorts of nick knacks, bows, pens, etc and all were the color purple!
Bernie was our close friend Steve's aunt. 
She was a real character. She loved people and she decided early on that she wanted to live in an assisted living environment that allowed her to live independently in her own apartment but also gave her a community of friends and the social life that she loved. 
Here she is with Steve and Sue's lab Shadow. 
Bernie kept a diary and some of her entries are very funny. She wore a wig and always put on make up. She modified her clothes by adding large pockets to her tops so that she could have any necessaries on hand. She wore bright colorful outfits and described each one in her daily entry. She spent a lot of time in the home's lobby meeting and greeting people and visiting with the local home's pet. She would have meals with some of her favorite "inmates" as she referred to them...hilarious....!
Bernie was also very frugal. She loved to make pins out of gift bows, decorative butterflies, anything that would strike her fancy. 
Now look at how creative and fun her pins are:
I wanted to show you some of the individual pins and what the back of them looked like...
Don't they make you smile???
I grabbed a red felt rose pin and attached it to the chain on my it!
Sadly Bernie suffered a stroke earlier in November and seemed to be recovering well when she suffered another stroke. This time, sweet, delightful Bernie was not able to recover and passed away peacefully...she was 94 years old.
Sue had these pins with her when she and Steve came over for Thanksgiving and I just had to dedicate a blog to this fine lady.

By giving so much and living her life to the fullest she left us with great memories and remains an inspiration to us all.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In this "Review" post I want to show you some of the  furniture projects I showcased on my blog in 2011.
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