Monday, October 17, 2011



Before I start on today's blog I would like to thank Pam over at for featuring my earlier blog on Liz's desk see here over at her party "Motivated Monday" , Thanks Pam!

Now continuing from my post on my friend's Liz's family room reveal, today I am featuring one of 4 ladder back chairs Liz painted to match her desk, see that post here

This is what one of chairs looked liked prior to painting:
We came up with an idea of featuring all 4 of the colors from the desk on each chair. Taupe (on desk top, not seen here), green, gold and brick red. 
Here is the "Brick Red" chair after:
Here are some close up pictures of her work:
Here it is up against her desk...
Isn't it cool? And didn't she do a great job?

Now, "Lizzie Poo" is one busy lady. She is a successful real estate agent here in town (she is also my real estate agent!), she has two teenage children, a super husband and a sweet doberman dog named Maddie! So there isn't a lot of "down" time in her life. Subsequently you will have to wait little longer to view the other 3 ladderback chairs, but she is working on them when she can as her goal is to have them all done for Thanksgiving.

There's more to come in another post!

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  1. Love the color combo. The chair looks fantastic. The desk and dressers look amazing too. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. I have so many chairs in my garage. And your information is helps to make my garage empty and helps to make stylish chairs. Great idea for giving a new look to furnitures.

  3. Hi, Mandy! This desk and chair turned out great! She did an amazing job!
    I wanted to tell you that for some reason when I click on your blog name from my reader list, the last post showing is from 10 months ago!!! I thought you'd stopped blogging! I'm trying to figure out what has happened. I may try to follow you again to see if that clears it up. So sorry I haven't been around to say hello! But HELLO!!! :)

  4. Great colour combination design! even though the furniture and chair are of traditional style design they blend in really well with the modern items like the computer that surround. Really like it but then again im a big fan of unique one of furniture pieces unlike your mass produced ikea items.