Friday, February 17, 2012


Yup they're finally done....(actually they've been upstairs for a couple of weeks but haven't had a chance to create a post on them....), the dreaded kitchen bar stools that hubby asked me to paint and I happily agreed to take on remembering how easy the dining chairs had been see that post here are finished.
Here they are before
And here they are down in the basement waiting to be painted
Now I don't have any of the actual paint process...but I can tell you it was painfully slow and tough...see those lovely craftsman style spindles?
8 of them on each chair and then there are another 6 on either side along the bottom
Anyway...there are lots and lots actually 80 in all...with 4 sides a piece...phew!!! and let's not count the legs etc... Sanding, painting, sanding (aging), staining and two coats of poly later...
Close up
I am happy they are done...really happy!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I haven't shown you my kitchen table boot tray centerpiece yet and as we are already February and here in Fishers, Indiana we are having our first real snow fall of the winter (!)  I thought I'd better get this post out there!
I took this picture at dawn the other morning, that poor tree to the left of the photo has a serious case of coffee deprivation!
I love this one! 
Oh and here's a couple of other little vignettes
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