Monday, November 7, 2011


Although you have already seen these chairs in a couple of my previous posts featuring the new dining room wall colors this past summer see here and my fall vignettes see here, I thought I would create a post just for them...especially with the holidays coming up .

Anyway, here is our dining room set prior to the transformation. It is a basic, solid oak table that has several leaves which is ideal for family get togethers.
The day I painted my kitchen mantle, 
I grabbed one the of the dining armchairs and gave him a quick coat as well. I loved the way he looked and immediately placed him in the hearth area where he popped against the brick back ground.
So late in August, I dragged all six of the the armless chairs out to the garage and proceeded to clean, sand, wipe, paint, sand some more, and finished them off with two coats of polyurethene.
..trying to hide the doggie gnaws and bites....
and here too....
Here's the culprit....caught napping....and she only chewed when she was a puppy ....thank goodness!
So here you can see the end result. I like how the black chairs "ground" the space. 
Now I still have the armchair to paint before Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Love the new look in your dining room, black was the perfect choice! Sweet puppy, we had the same 'look' on our barstools! :)

  2. Those look very sharp with their new color. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Enjoy!

  3. Wow, great transformation!! Amazing how that really gives your set a whole new look!

  4. I really like it. It looks good with the table!

  5. Greetings -- may I say that your chairs look FANTASTIC. They look new and like you just bought them at an expensive store. Great job.

  6. Mandy, Your dining rooms chairs turned out great! I love all of the pillars in your home! It's lovely. I would love for you to share your Chair Makeover at my party tomorrow!
    BTW - Your pup looks like he knows he's in trouble. haha

  7. Those are adorable. What a great idea! I just wonder all your creativity and inspirations! The headboard with the stockings looks wonderful, I can't wait to see more about that!

  8. Love the chairs, will you be doing the table base too? That would complete the "look". I want to do the same thing to mine.

  9. Love the black chairs! Great job hiding the puppy chews too :) Saw you at Terrific under $10.

  10. The chairs look great! I love them!

  11. The warn black really warms the space up! They looks fantastic.

  12. the black really stands out,Would luv for my readers to see this awesome idea, will you please join our weekly party at
    have a great crafting weekend!

  13. Love the look of them painted black, they really do show up well in your diningroom! Great job on them!

  14. What a great solution for covering up the dog chewed parts! The chairs look great! It's funny...I've had a few things chewed by dogs when they were puppies and have repaired them only to regret it after the dog was dead. The door in my parents bathroom got chewed on my my childhood dog and when my Dad repaired it, my Mom was very upset. Me too...I had a sideboard that my dog chewed the leg of when she was little. I repaired it but when she died at age 17, I wish I'd left it to remember her by.