Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had a cork board on the wall in my laundry room wall with photos of family, friends, coupons, calendars etc attached to them. You can see it to the left in the above pic.

Well in order to depersonalize our home for sale, I removed it and found a piece of artwork I wasn't using and decided to transform it.
Here it is, a picture of a topiary with a couple of birdies in a bamboo frame....cute....and don't worry I did not paint over it!!
Instead the back of the picture was just a piece of wood and I painted it with ....... CHALK PAINT.......!
All I did was remove the mounting hardware, added a string and chalk, and a hook and here it is! 

For a house showing I can erase our family calendar and it will still look attractive AND if I ever decide to use the art side of the frame again I still can.... yep....I'm proud :)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Before I show you the entire sun room reveal, I wanted to share a couple of smaller projects that I was able to get done in this room.
This lamp used to be a dark color and I painted the base and purchase the barrel shade to give it an updated simple look.
I filled this white bowl with a mix of decorative foam rocks purchased from Target and some green silk hydrangea flower heads, a few artificial artichokes and some shells.
The above white bowl sits inside a very cool wooden palette box I purchased from a local antique dealer. Love the print on the side.
Small photo holders were painted off-white to unify them with each other.....and the little "munchkins" are all mine - all five of them!
Reveal appearing tomorrow :)
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Friday, June 24, 2011


We are done with the painting but I haven't taken pictures yet so thought I would post about one of my favorite chairs instead.

I fell in love with this little chair years ago in England. I loved the lines of it. It was obviously hand made and had a little wear but I loved the details. I have always romanticized that the chair had been lovingly made for a sweetheart or something....

Unfortunately, I don't have any before pictures...I painted it last fall before my blogging days just imagine it oak with an ugly pink chair pad...
I have to admit to having already changed the chair pad to something a little less frou frou and I'll take a pic of it for you guys...sorry I am really bad at this blogging stuff,

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Friday, June 17, 2011


In between painting and all the usual craziness that goes on around here ....! I have also been working in the flower beds and thought I would share some of the blooms that are making their presence known at the moment i.e. Hollyhocks, Daylillies and Carpet roses. 
Also thought it would be fun to compare the growth of the Hollyhocks over the years! The above pic was taken in 2005 and here they are today...
Hollyhocks do get a little wild and do need staking up - note the twirly rods poking up here and there,  but I love their color and whimsey.
Here are some carpet roses and lillies...
Pre weeding...!
Love the color :)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


We built our large home for a few reasons .... but mainly to house our fairly large family!

We have 5 children. Katy and Michael, now 27 (twins), Alan, soon to be 18 and Sam and Joe, soon to be 15 (also twins).

Here they are:
This picture was taken back in 2005. Ryan, my now, son in law is sitting on the top stair. And we had not got Lola yet our second Dutch Shepherd and half sister to Tess.

Here is a more recent picture of the three youngest taken in 2009:
Anyway, when we built the home, each of the kids had their own rooms to hang out in. 

Katy's room was/is also our guest bedroom:
Michael slept in my den:
And the three boys had their rooms:
Alan's room
Joe's room
Sam's room.
You can see the double pocket doors between Sam and Joe's rooms. All these pics except for Katy's room were taken in the Spring of 2008 when we put the house on the market. 
We have changed quite a bit since then .....
I'll show you before and after pics tomorrow.

I have been painting for what seems like FOREVER the last couple of weeks....painted our kitchen, family dining and sun room....10 foot ceilings....don't you love them.....especially the many, many trips up and down the ladder!!!!