Thursday, June 16, 2011


We built our large home for a few reasons .... but mainly to house our fairly large family!

We have 5 children. Katy and Michael, now 27 (twins), Alan, soon to be 18 and Sam and Joe, soon to be 15 (also twins).

Here they are:
This picture was taken back in 2005. Ryan, my now, son in law is sitting on the top stair. And we had not got Lola yet our second Dutch Shepherd and half sister to Tess.

Here is a more recent picture of the three youngest taken in 2009:
Anyway, when we built the home, each of the kids had their own rooms to hang out in. 

Katy's room was/is also our guest bedroom:
Michael slept in my den:
And the three boys had their rooms:
Alan's room
Joe's room
Sam's room.
You can see the double pocket doors between Sam and Joe's rooms. All these pics except for Katy's room were taken in the Spring of 2008 when we put the house on the market. 
We have changed quite a bit since then .....
I'll show you before and after pics tomorrow.

I have been painting for what seems like FOREVER the last couple of weeks....painted our kitchen, family dining and sun room....10 foot ceilings....don't you love them.....especially the many, many trips up and down the ladder!!!!


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