Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It is almost the end of summer isn't it? The stores are reminding us of that....Fall decor abounds!!! I am a little sad to see the end of the summer..... 

I was wandering around the house (I was? don't remember that....usually I am rushing around looking for something, getting something, hauling something...and the list goes on!!) anyway, supposedly I was "wandering" around the house thinking of Fall decor and realized I hadn't posted any of my summer vignettes yet....You know how awful I am about posting in general....sorry...anyway here goes the dining room vignettes....
Cute cloche with moss balls, shells, nest and a pair of salt & pepper cuddling ducks given to me by my mum. The cake plate is wooden and made by my grandpa.
His companion friend with artichokes and starfish.
Oh and look at the cool bottle I picked up for $4 at an antique mall? I tied a star fish on him. My large glass ornament I found at Goodwill earlier this year See here sort of looks like a buoy and adds to the summery look...I think.
They sit on my copper boot tray from Target on my newly placed sideboard in the dining room. 

The four plates hanging on the wall above are from a set of 6 dinner plates I bought at Williams and Sonoma quite a few years ago. They depict various scenes from life in the South of France and were painted by Guy Buffet (more well known for his waiter and chef artwork). Mark and I honeymooned in the South of France and it is a place I love and have visited many times during my younger single years. Remember as exotic as this sounds driving down to the South of France from Geneva, Switzerland takes about the same amount of time as driving to Florida from Indiana. Just thought I'd try and put things in perspective!
Any hoo.....
Plate "numero un"
This one depicts an outdoor cafe/restaurant with the proud chef posing for the pic!

Plate "numero deux"
Here you have a hotel and cafe named after a famous wind that blows in from Northern Africa and causes huge waves to appear on the otherwise calm Mediterranean sea. In the foreground are a group of messieurs playing Petanque which is the French version of Bocce Ball.
Plate "Numero trois"
This shows a row of outdoor vendors, shops and restaurants that can be found along the many ports in the South of France. St. Tropez usually has gorgeous private yachts moored there not little fishing boats like this pic shows!
Plate "numero quatres"
This is probably my least favorite of all six plates but the colors blended better with the other three. It shows a typical french market place in the summer.
So there you have it...Now I need to take pics of other areas in the "maison" for you guys.
Au revoir!

Je vous embrasse, 
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