Sunday, April 29, 2012

Best Buddy Walk

Today we participated in Central Indiana's Best Buddy Walk. 
We dragged our teenage boys out of bed this Sunday morning which, believe me, is quite an acoomplishment! 

Other members of the "clan" showed up and we headed downtown. It was cold and damp. But we were doing this for a great cause. 

Our son, Sammy loves his buddies. They take him bowling, to the movies and shopping. This is fun for a young teenager to have peers to "hang" out with.  It is a great program and we, as parents of a special needs child, truly appreciate it. 

So here we are before the start of the race, actually I am taking this picture! My husband Mark, Pam, Ryan & Katy, Alan 18, Sammy 15 and Joe 15. (Hannah and Michael are trying to get ready for the Wedding so could not be with us). 

Sam has a collection of cars in the front pocked of his hoodie, this is a normal thing for him...he loves his Hotwheels and Matchbox cars!!! And he does smile a lot...just not in these pics!!!
Here we are bundled up and ready to go! 
We finished the 5k walk without being rained on...just a little sprinkle. We did get spread out a little as Sam insisted on marching ahead of us accompanied by a young lady friend!
After, we all had a lovely breakfast at La Peep before heading home.

A fun time and thanks to my wonderful family for taking time out of their weekend to show their support! 


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