Friday, August 24, 2012

Cheer Me Up Flowers

Hi everyone!!!
Long time "no see"...but I have my reasons....busy, busy summer. There wasn't much "downtime" for me to concentrate on blogging. Just enough to follow others. 
Moving day with college kid...

I was feeling pretty "down in the dumps" earlier this week...everything just hit me at once. I had no more zap left...not for anyone or anything! No! Guess the result of dealing with a special needs teenager, sending another one off to college, having a potential offer on the lake house fall through and a bunch of everything else you don't need to hear about just did if for me! 

Okay "nuf said"! 

I'm not very good at talking when I am "down". Would rather let those close to me know with an email. So I sent off a long email to my sister in Switzerland and she picked up the phone and called me. The result of that phone call was a beautiful basket of flowers delivered to my door the very next day!!!
Here they are "sans" pink flowers....sorry forgot to take before pic...but just imagine pink "Carnies" etc stuck here and there. 

Of course, I had to "mess" with them! I pulled out the pink carnations and the other "purply" pink flowers (name?) and put them in my Irish Belleek log vase and placed them on my vanity in the bathroom. 
So Pwetty! and in case you wanted to proof! I  bought it in a little shop in England  lots of years ago!!!!! There it sits with the little kitten trinket box my mum gave me  when  I was much younger and a little Lenox vase I picked up at good ole' GW (Goodwill). He holds my make up brushes...which don't get used a lot!

So back to the rest of it!!!! I do ramble on...

I place the basked inside one of my Mother-in-law's milk glass bowls and put it in my old wooden crate and sat it on the built in hutch in the kitchen.....phew....I did a lot!
Now you can see why the pink flowers didn't really go with  everything in  "Le 'utch", eh?
I yanked out a few of the daisies and stuck them in my old Coca Cola Bottles ....
See? Fun! I use this old crate on my island to store cooking oils, salt and peppers, and  place mats.

Finally, I laid the few wisps of deep purple flowers (name? and you can dry them!) to dry out next to my watering cans on the laundry shelf.
These watering cans are decorative. I stenciled the numbers on them...just in case I wouldn't be able to tell one was larger than the other! So with that, I now have a little flower surprise all over the house (well, at least the rooms I frequent the most!). And, I am getting back into the groove, just taking it a little slower!

Aren't sisters great????
Love you Samantha!


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