Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Here is the rest of the kitchen.

 As you can see the peninsula houses my farmhouse sink which I love because of it's size and depth, the dishwasher and trash compactor. They are all hidden behind custom cabinetry panels. 
I read in one of the blogs that someone was removing their "old fashioned and yucky" trash compactor. This surprised me because I think they are a great green idea as trash is compacted before it goes out the door..... and they are really easy just to wipe down. 
We do have another trash can and recycle bin under the island next to the small prep sink too. 

You may have noticed that I have very few upper cabinets. Well there are several reasons for this. First of all I don't have very many walls in my kitchen area because I really wanted an open feel to the space. Secondly, because of the sheer size of the pieces in the kitchen there is loads of cabinet space. All of them, where applicable, have pull out shelves. A wonderful, practical addition to any cabinet. And thirdly, a talented kitchen designer suggested having the pantry open to the kitchen with finished cabinetry in it (more on the space in another post) which has turned out to be a great addition to the kitchen as we house another built in oven and microwave oven and the coffee station in there. 

In this pic you can see the pantry door opening and catch a glimpse of the oven and microwave. Oh and you can also see where I house our toaster....see? Under the island...I keep it parked in a deep tray so that the crumbs stay put. It is plugged in under there and just slides out and placed on the island when in use (which is every morning!). Behind the cupboard doors on this side of the island are all the kitchen gadgets i.e. mixers, blenders, crock pots etc. 

Here is the pantry. The shelving and cabinets on this side of the wall are very shallow, about 8" deep and are perfect for canned goods etc. It's so easy to keep tidy that way too....I loved playing shop as a little girl and this sort of reminds of that ..... We also have a second refrigerator here as well. Great for a large family of teenage boys!!!
The pantry is open on three sides. To the back corridor making it easily accessible with groceries etc. To the kitchen, of course and to the sun room. Again, I wanted an open feel. We did have pocket doors installed as seen in the pick, just in case but that turned out to be a waste of money as we never close them. 

Okay hoped you enjoyed seeing some more of the house!

Hugs for today,

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