Thursday, September 29, 2011



Yes, the end is near...last of the sale items see herehere and here!

So here we are in my laundry room, 
Please note that this picture was taken by a professional photographer with a wide lens, it is a wonderful large room but this pic makes it looks huge!
Below the large San Francisco framed poster I picked up a few years ago at a consignment store,  I placed these two adorable old watering cans I purchased at the sale...
..these two guys are purely decorative as I'm pretty certain they will not hold water!! I got the pair for $5.
The cute white ceramic bucket I picked up at GW for $2. I filled it with plastic bags and stuck some pumpkins just on the top to give the impression it is full! I know, not from the sale but a recent find even so....ha!

Jumping over to the other side of the house...My bedroom....where the last of those black baskets sits on my master bedroom bookcase which sits below our wall mounted flat screen TV. 
All I did was fill it with what I already had on the shelf...I know, I actually struggled to find another good spot for this basket but I HAD to use it! here it is the perfect size and length for the shelf and adds some more texture to whole vignette.
One quirky thing about this you see the lamp reflected in the glass of the map picture? funky eh?
It shows up here too but not quite as obvious.

Gosh guys....could that be it????? Think so!!!!
Hope you enjoyed it all as much as I did,

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  1. I know you said is not as large as it looks but what a terrific laundry room! I like the painting, and yes it's ok to cheat a little to make the pail look full! I'm sure everyone does it!

    I am delighted that you linked to Potpourri Friday. I appreciate you and hope to see you again this Friday!